Welcome to Camp Tita!

My kids start school in about 3 weeks so summer is basically over at the Jonesie house and so far the kids have not attended a single camp.  I decided last week it’s do or die time because they are stir crazy and making me crazy.  We’ve done reading groups at the library, Vacation Bible School, weekly visits to the pool, the beach, play dates with school friends, etc. and I’m all out of ideas.  It’s time for a more structured program with a whole new group of kids. And honestly, Mama is tired of breaking up the daily fights every five minutes.

I found a great exploration camp for Oldest to attend so he started this morning.  Unfortunately it’s the last week of the camp. #betterlatethannever. They have an entire week of fun stuff planned for the last week so he’s having a b-l-a-s-t.  As for Daughter, I found her a half-day cheerleading camp at her school.  She wasn’t exactly thrilled about it but agreed to go only because it’s for this week only and I assured her that many of her friends from prek-4 would also be there. 

As for Youngest who is only four years old, I couldn’t find a program for him to attend that was convenient and/or affordable.   Youngest hates to be left out almost as much as he hates to be separated from me.  I mean the boy would still be breastfeeding if he could.  Even a great camp would turn into a week or two adjustment period while he dealt with the whole separation anxiety issue that we deal with every year when it’s time to start school.  Remember my experience last year for his first day?  Where he kicked the teacher, grabbed the door, and all of the above? If you missed that post, check it out here for some good laughs.  The pictures alone will make you LOL.

After I dropped off my last camper and Youngest realized he really was going to be home with me, he started getting all upset.  I felt sorry for the poor kid because I hate it when one of my three gets the raw end of a deal.  So I came up with the idea of Camp Tita.   Tita (short for abuelita in spanish) is my mom and she’s in town visiting her grands for two weeks.   I told him he was going to Camp Tita and we started talking about all the fun things he would do while there.  Poor child didn’t get it.  He kept asking me who will be at Camp Tita (“just you, it’s a private camp!”), what do they have there  (computers! sprinklers! A dog! A whole bunch of toys! Bikes!).   His little eyes started to light up and he was actually excited.  He asked if he could pack his lunch (yes) and if he could play with his Nintendo DS (yep!).  Could he bring water balloons to Camp Tita? (Yep! In fact, they have field trips to Target at Camp Tita!).  

After a quick stop to Target to buy special treats and water balloons, I told Youngest that Camp Tita was really another fun day with Tita and Mommy.  I braced myself for his first melt-down of the day and he surprised me by saying he knew. 

We all had a good laugh. 

We set up the sprinklers (only thing I haven’t done yet this summer) and he splashed around while  I caught up on email.   Then I left to pick up my little Cheerleader who also had a good day after all. 


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6 Responses to “Welcome to Camp Tita!”

  1. Enjoy the break while they’re at camp! I LOVED going to camp when I was a kid…they get to play with a bunch of other kids their age and you’re paying those camps to keep them entertained through a bunch of different activities. I usually cried when I was LEAVING camp, not when they dropped me off!

    If they ever stay at “over night” camps and they let you send letters, make sure to! I remember being all embarrassed when everyone else got packages and I didn’t’ get any!! : (
    Cristina´s last post: If I Suck inTHEY FIT! My ComLuv Profile

  2. Awww, I Love that!!! I actually made a schedule of activities that I plan to do with the kids for the rest of the summer. I’ll send it to you. Maybe you can use some of them in Camp Tita!
    Justice Fergie´s last post: Camp Torture My ComLuv Profile

  3. So funny! One summer night my parents kept telling us we’d get to go to “Four Corners” after dinner. Well, “four corners” was our bed . . . your surprise is a lot better!
    Nancy´s last post: What is Anya Rashi up to My ComLuv Profile

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