My Working Woman’s Retreat

When our basement flooded last spring, we took the disaster as an opportunity to revamp our basement.  We laid new carpet and have plans for a new wet bar and kids’ play area in the works.  What made me the most excited though, was the prospect of converting our rarely used guest bedroom into a home office for me.

Our guests have a love affair with our sectional.  It didn’t matter that we had decked out the guestroom with new furniture and flat screen tv; everyone who came to visit always ended up sleeping on the couch.  I don’t blame them – it’s like sleeping on a cloud.  That said, a perfectly good room was going to waste; now was my chance to take advantage!

We had an interior designer friend come and take a look at the space.  She immediately said: “This can be your Working Woman’s Retreat!” I was determined to make it so from that point on.  I got to work creating a design plan; I envisioned what I wanted my space to feel like {bright, soothing, warm} and what I wanted it to look like {light, chic, feminine} and scoured websites and magazines for the elements that I wanted to include.  Of course, in a household with 5 people, my home office was at the bottom of the budgetary and scheduling priority lists, so it’s been slow going to pull it together.  But I’m excited to say that I finally reached a turning point in the last month where the ball has gotten rolling!

The first major challenge was finding a desk.  I knew exactly the desk I wanted. I had seen it on an episode of “Run’s House” (don’t laugh).  Angela and Vanessa had a huge white French Provincial table with curved legs in their Pastry offices. Like this:

And so I searched. For something similar but that didn’t break the bank. I was flat out of luck.  Turns out those tables are treasured antiques and run in the neighborhood of $1500 and up.  That was not going to work. I was getting very discouraged and took to checking Craigs List like a madwoman.  I responded to an ad that I saw posted and dragged my entire family out to the girl’s place, with my husband’s pick up truck, to see it. What a letdown! Her table was in terrible shape, chipped and yellowing and rickety. After that I gave up the search for awhile. And then…2 weeks ago I FOUND MY TABLE ON CRAIGSLIST.  Within a few hours it was delivered to my house in great condition for a great price. Woot! I was on my way.

Meanwhile, I was contacted by CurtainWorks asking if I might be interested in reviewing a set of their curtains.  They were featuring all of their styles in blue as the color is one of the design trends for 2011.  What perfect timing!  I was sent their Messina velvet curtains in Peacock.  They are the perfect addition to my space and add a luxurious, rich quality.  We had painted the walls to the office a light, light blue and carpeted the floor in a similar shade; these curtains are the perfect accent.  The length is great too; I ordered the length longer than needed so that they would pool in a bunch on the floor.  Instead of using them to cover the window, which is small is this basement room, I decided to use the curtains as coverings for the closet.  I plan to use the closet for file storage and like the idea of sprucing up a typical supply closet with these gorgeous curtains.  I am now in search of  the perfect curtain ties to complement the curtains…oh and a steamer to get them silky smooth! If you are in the market for curtains, definitely give CurtainWorks a shot. Their prices are super affordable ($49 – $79 for these!) and they are currently offering FREE shipping on orders over $125.

Image Source:

Aren’t they pretty?

In addition to a fabulous bronze snakeskin, studded end table and studded leather chair that I scooped up at HomeGoods, I’ve added a pretty lamp, desk and wall accessories, decorative mirrors and Southern magnolia wreath to the mix.

I’ve still got a ways to go, but I am excited to say that my Working Woman’s Retreat is well underway.

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10 Responses to “My Working Woman’s Retreat”

  1. LOVE IT! Can it be my retreat, too?

  2. Lookin’ great!

  3. LOVE the room!! Very pretty and functional!! Congrats!

  4. I love the table and really think we all need our own space, whatever the size, wherever it is. I call it “Space, the final frontier”…It’s just good for the soul. I’d love to send you a recycled elephant poo journal for your desk!, my way of thanking you for your cool blog and for allowing me to brag about my fair trade products. And as a bonus, I will give your readers 20% off on all recycled elephant dung products through Feb. 15, 2011. Enter “dung20″ into coupon box at checkout.

  5. That is simply stunning! I am both jealous and inspired!

  6. a great space. simple and classic, i really like the chair, it is a great vintage piece.

  7. How much did it cost you to have that beautiful white chair?

    Ken Siani

  8. LOVE the French Desk! I am going to search for it right away for our Bella Cupcake Couture offices. I hope I have the same luck you did on Craigs List.

  9. Thank you so much for this blog and sharing with us. I know we have to adjust in our home to get more space. I like the room decorated with beautiful curtains and table. I just shifted to my new home so I am thinking that my home have to be look perfect and awesome.Thanks for sharing…

  10. I liked the interior decoration of your house.The desk that you have choosen for your home office is very simple, unique and antique. The curtains that you ahve bought for your office are very good and have very nice color combo.Thanks for sharing.

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