Reaching Goals – One Child at a Time

With three children that each have different personalities and interests, I knew the day would one day come when the husband and I would be juggling a soccer game here, gymnastics there, and karate over there – all at the same time and day. To avoid twisting myself into a pretzel, I signed up all three kids for karate.  They were all into it at first.  And I was definitely into the fact that they were able to go to the same class, at the same time, and be engaged in a sports activity. Perfect!  After a few months, though, my six-year-old daughter lost interest; she wanted to do dance or gymnastics, like the rest of her friends.  Then my five-year-old, who started bringing his own football to school at the age of three so that he could play football during outside recess, really wanted to play football, soccer, basketball, AND karate.

The time finally arrived when I had to honor their individual interests and personalities, and prepare myself to spend evenings and weekends shuffling my children to their respective activities so that they can become the athletic prodigies I knew they would all one day become (of course).  My goal for this spring was to find a program for each child that worked well for our family schedule.  So after careful planning, I found a soccer program for my youngest son that actually didn’t conflict with my oldest son’s flag football schedule.  In fact, football started a few weeks earlier than soccer which gave us an opportunity to adjust to the new schedule and routine.

Now, five weeks later, we are well into a solid routine.  Both boys are doing well in their respective sports.  My youngest son was soooooo incredibly happy to play soccer “on a real team” that he was beaming all weekend after his first game.  He also made two goals in his first game and five during his second game.  In fact, the coaches moved him to the other team so that they could even out the score! (Now if that’s not athletically gifted, I don’t know what is!)

As for my daughter’s gymnastics program? Well, that doesn’t start until next month.  Until then, we’ve started piano lessons, taught by none other than yours truly (*me*).  I was somehow able to shuffle around my schedule to keep all the kids busy throughout every season.

There is no denying that getting all three kids where they need to be is often a challenge; however my husband and I made it a priority to encourage our kids to live healthy, active lifestyles, so at the end of the day, we do what we have to in order to make it work perfectly for everyone – score!!

Justice Jonesie is an official ambassador of Let’s Play, a community partnership led by Dr Pepper Snapple Group to get kids and families active nationwide.  Although this is a sponsored post, all posts, thoughts, and opinions are  Justice Jonesie’s.  You can read the original post at


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33 Responses to “Reaching Goals – One Child at a Time”

  1. That’s good inspiration! I was getting nervous about next year, when my duaghter has already named about 100 activities she wants to do (dance, gymnastics, softball, karate, girl scouts–okay that last one was my idea) and my son has 3 or 75 of his own. I’m not sure how we’re going to make it work, and I’m glad to hear that it can been done. But you’ve also added another confirmation that two children are enough. I think. :)
    Steel Magnolia´s last post: What Im WatchingMy ComLuv Profile

  2. We are trying to figure out if we should invent a limit on activities per child — between boychoir, baseball, Cub Scouts, piano lessons, swimming, and church activities, our calendar feels too full. Thank goodness they don’t all happen at the same time of year! And our youngest is only in swimming right now — next year, preschool!

  3. Wow, you’re an admirable parents to me. Being supported to their kids on their activities and sports. You can really manage your time. I’m thinking what would be my son’s interest in sports.
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  4. I always have one activity for one kid,so I won’t have any trouble juggling my time. Once I enroll my eldest to a piano and basketball and the other karate and guitar, I got all mess up sending them off.Now I have to cut off with some other activities.
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  5. You can really manage your time to giving support to your kids..Your a admirable parents..
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  12. Enjoy the kids while they are still younger and you can still cuddle and hug them anytime because if they grow older and more maturely, they will have their own life and all you have to do is to pray for the happiness and safety.

  13. i’m looking for a quote or poem that describes reaching a goal/goals that others like friends or family think you can’t?

  14. Your thoughts and personal experience are very inspirational to me. Thanks a lot

  15. Thank you for sentimental post. I grew up in a family where all of us play multiple sports all year round. My mom and dad had a blast going to all of our games and activities.

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  18. Sounds like these kids are having a great time. You should be proud that they are so active and having fun too, this is gonna help them in later life for sure

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