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Reaching Goals – One Child at a Time


With three children that each have different personalities and interests, I knew the day would one day come when the husband and I would be juggling a soccer game here, gymnastics there, and karate over there – all at the same time and day. To avoid twisting myself into a ...

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Settling in to My New Schedule


It's been about 3 months since I started a new "part-time" work schedule, and I finally feel like I've found a groove.  For a while I was questioning my decision to alter my schedule because my days "off" were complete chaos.  I was running back and forth between school and ...

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My Total Mom Makeover


Last week Justice Ny and I attended the Bounce Mom's Night Out event in D.C. hosted by the lovely Jennifer James and MBC.  The event was geared to moms wanting to simplify and de-stress their lives (me! me!).   The food was amazing, as was the company, and the massages, ...

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Debunking the Nanny Myth: An Interview with Candi Wingate


It's a touchy subject among moms.  In some circles, even the mention of hiring a nanny sends some women through the roof and elicits a whole lot of unsolicited judgements and criticisms.  If there is one thing I have learned to not do in my 6 years of being a parent, it's ...

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Part-Time Schedule, Full-Time Job


Today was the first day of my new part-time work schedule. Meaning that I was home and nanny-free.  It's hard to believe that after year (years!) of wishing for this change, the day finally came.  And you would think that I would have been perfectly prepared for it, but alas, ...

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Guest Post from Author Lori Tharps – What I Would Do With A Substitute Me


Two weeks ago my debut novel, Substitute Me hit store shelves. I’ve authored two other non-fiction books, Hair Story: Untangling the Roots of Black Hair in America and Kinky Gazpacho: Life, Love & Spain, but completing my first novel is like a dream come true for me. Ever since ...

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The Craziest Show On Earth


You know when you do a strenuous workout and wake up sore and immobilized the next day (ha! neither do I, lol)? But no, seriously - that's how I felt this morning when my alarm went off. I literally groaned. This first week of school has me totally beat.  Between ...

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First week of big kids school


The first week of school went very well!  I was nervous and anxious; princess was just fine.  She's made a few friends already and loves her teacher.  And, we had a homework assignment this weekend. Tomorrow is the first PTA meeting - so we'll see how that goes!!! BTW...I've been home for ...

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I’m not freaking ready to start school


First of all, she's 4 1/2 .... when did that happen? I feel like I blinked and my baby is almost 5 years old. Second, she's going to be doing this alone.  I'm tearing up as I write now because I'm scared for her, worried about her, excited and hopeful for ...

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Have you ever had nothing to write about? That's where I'm at right now.  I wanted to post today, but then there really isn't a whole lot going on in my life right now.  Well, I shouldn't say that exactly because I am a third of the enterprise Mamalaw Media Group ...

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