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New Blog Series- Join Me!


Have you ever thought about running a 5k or a  half-marathon? The first time I decided to run one I had to Google exactly how many miles a half-marathon involved.  My initial reaction was to chuckle when I realized that it was two miles further than my eleven mile drive to ...

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Reaching Goals – One Child at a Time


With three children that each have different personalities and interests, I knew the day would one day come when the husband and I would be juggling a soccer game here, gymnastics there, and karate over there – all at the same time and day. To avoid twisting myself into a ...

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5k Countdown!


I signed up for my first race yesterday! A 5k for Earth Day.  Three miles is a hop, skip and a jump for people that "run" but it's a major goal for me.  I'm both excited and freaked out.   The popular Couch 2 5k plan offers an 8-week training schedule, ...

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Trying Dr. Oz’s One-Day Diet


I was reading my March issue of Good Housekeeping (don't laugh at me - it's a great mag!) and came across Dr. Oz's One-Day Diet Plan.  The idea is that anyone can stick to a diet for ONE day; with this plan, everyday is a new day.  I liked the ...

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Week 2: Down Another 2lbs


Considering the SABOTAGE attempts on my weight loss executed this weekend by Lisa (wine! flatbread! molten chocolate cake!) and Justice Ny (banana split!!?), I was pleasantly surprised at this morning's weigh-in. Instead of lamenting where I might have been save for Saturday's transgressions, ahem, I will ...

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Down 3lbs and #ProjectMeToo


They say that setting a concrete goal increases the likelihood that you'll actually reach it.  So, here I go: my goal for the next four months is to get into bathing-suit-ready shape in time for our family vacation to the Bahamas during our kids' Spring Break.  I was inspired by ...

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Uploaded with Sad how easily my good intentions can be thwarted.  I was so conscientious this morning in packing my lunch for the day. I packed a garden salad, low-fat soup  and 1 cookie for dessert.  My morning and afternoon snacks were a slice of watermelon and a snack-size bag ...

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Lack of Deodorant Notwithstanding


This morning, in a fit of optimism, I decided to throw some workout clothes in my lovely Blissdom '10 bag and tote it with me to work. "I'm gonna jog today during my lunch break!" I announced to Hubby. "Mmmm hmmm," he said while trying to stifle a laugh. "I'll show him!" I thought. And I ...

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Read on if you’re not easily grossed out


I put on this very pretty dress this morning; it's hot pink and it's brightening up this dreary, rainy Tuesday.  I get into the office and run to the bathroom and what do I see...... fat cellulite butt showing all through the dress.  If you have cellulite you know exactly ...

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My 30-Day Shred: Day 1


Ok, so I {think} that I've finally had enough. I'm tired of being unhappy with my weight. I know you've heard it all before, so instead of talking about it, I'm gonna be about it. Today was the first day of my 30-Day Shred. Gotta love that Jillian Michaels. My ...

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