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Cute, Cuddly & they Smell Good Too: It’s a Scentsy Buddy Giveaway!


My husband is an air-freshener fanatic.  He constantly is replacing our wall plug-in fresheners, buying spray air freshener, and sprinkling carpet and pet freshener around the house.  And we don't even have pets.  So when I was asked by the folks at Scentsy if I'd like to try one of ...

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Holiday Gift Guide Winners!!


I'm excited to announce the winners of the Mamalaw 2010 Holiday Giveaway Event!  I had my hubby give me 18 numbers between 1 and 41 (the number of commenters to the post) and here are the results: LUCKY NUMBERS: 7, 9,  14, 20, 34, 35, 6, 11, 3, 40, 22, 19, 29, ...

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2010 Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaway Event!


Now that we've eaten our turkey and hit the Black Friday sales, there's no denying that the holiday season is in full swing!  As you cross off the names on your shopping list, here are a few unique gift ideas for you to consider sharing with the folks on the ...

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Guest Post from Author Lori Tharps – What I Would Do With A Substitute Me


Two weeks ago my debut novel, Substitute Me hit store shelves. I’ve authored two other non-fiction books, Hair Story: Untangling the Roots of Black Hair in America and Kinky Gazpacho: Life, Love & Spain, but completing my first novel is like a dream come true for me. Ever since ...

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Get Your Beef On: It’s a Giveaway!


There's a running joke in our family; whenever my mom and I are out dining somewhere together and someone politely asks "is there anything you don't eat?" we both laugh and say "unfortunately, no!" It's true - we love food. And that love includes beef. Some of my favorite ...

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The Power of Partnerships (It’s a Giveaway!)


Whenever Jonesie, Ny and I are together and we meet someone new, the first question we are usually asked is "How did you all meet?" and "What gave you the idea to create Blogalicious?" The truth is that we started off as friends who met in college (Jonesie and ...

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2009 Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaway Event!


Hopefully most of you are doing better than me and are well on your way to having shopped for your entire holiday list. Somehow, December snuck up on me this year and I've done absolutely nothing to prepare for all that it brings. Tonight, we put the tree up ...

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Diamond Edition – It’s a Giveaway!


Is your three-year-old daughter driving you crazy with the incessant watching of HSM 3? Is your five-year-old daughter working your nerves with the constant references to Hannah? Or is that just me? Ahem. Just when I was about to swear off Disney for good (ok, not really - after all, ...

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Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs – It’s a Giveaway!


First, let me say that if it were raining meatballs today at least that would be an improvement on the current weather situation. It's positively miserable here! Forty degrees and very rainy. Blech. Some warm soup falling out of the sky would be fab.Second, you know I am tired when ...

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Look Out Betty Crocker (It’s a Giveaway!)


The really nice people (no seriously, they're so nice) at Growing Cooks send my brood a Growing Cooks Basic Chef set so that they could get their B. Smith on.We decided to choose the very sophisticated task of baking Fairy Cookies. A while back, Justice Jonesie sent my girls a ...

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