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File Me Under Worst Mom Ever


As Mother's Day approaches, I'm reminded how hard this job is.  The kids are out of school in about two weeks and as is the case every year, this is a busy time for us due to all the end of year activities. This year I have three different mother's ...

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A Guilt-Free Pleasure: Thank You WMAG!


If you've read Mamalaw for any amount of time, you know that almost 90% of my posts revolve around being full-time working mom balancing home, work and kids. With that comes a hefty dose of Mommy Guilt. Snicker or roll your eyes if you want to, but trust me that ...

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If I had a life coach…


Yesterday, I received an invitation to apply for an important job. Although it’s just an invitation to apply, and not an offer itself, it’s a pretty big deal that my name was thrown in the pot of possible candidates. The position could be pretty influential in terms of doing good ...

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The guilt and sadness of work


It's just about 10pm on President's Day Monday night and I'm very sad thinking about going to work tomorrow (almost as sad as I was when I started working after being laid off for a couple months). We've been home for the past 11 days because of the sno-pocalypse ...

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Stay Near Home Mom


I'm guessing it's because I've been away from home a lot in the past few months, but my girls are now asking me to stay home on a daily basis. It's unusual because they generally don't pay hubby or I any mind if one of us comes ...

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One look was all I needed


Princess is absolutely driving me crazy right now. I am so frustrated that I want to give her back! (Nana…you better come for her soon). She’s not listening and what’s worse is that she’s being really purposeful in her actions, if not outwardly defiant. We had it out last ...

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Treasure time


You may remember that I was laid off in February and then about 1 month ago I accepted a position at my old, old job and I've just been waiting on a start date. Well, I will be starting on Monday. I'm excited to start and I know hubby is ...

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Not-So-Happy Birthday


Today Giggles turned 3! She has been so excited about it for the past few weeks and was looking forward to her big day. This afternoon, hubby and I went to her school to have a birthday party for her with her classmates. These school birthday parties are ...

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