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An Oldie But Goodie- Camp Torture


So school ends in less than two weeks.  Time to find summer camps.  Yay- NOT! I"m not so motivated considering the debacle that happened last summer when I signed up Oldest for one camp close to our house.  I decided to pull up that post just for good times sakes.  ...

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File Me Under Worst Mom Ever


As Mother's Day approaches, I'm reminded how hard this job is.  The kids are out of school in about two weeks and as is the case every year, this is a busy time for us due to all the end of year activities. This year I have three different mother's ...

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Have you ever had nothing to write about? That's where I'm at right now.  I wanted to post today, but then there really isn't a whole lot going on in my life right now.  Well, I shouldn't say that exactly because I am a third of the enterprise Mamalaw Media Group ...

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Finally Figuring it All Out- Raising My Spirited Child


I'm really into audio books this month and have gotten books on everything from love to parenting. (Okay, really I only got two books, one on love, one on parenting; haven't made it past my first two books.)The first book I listened too was Raising Your Spirited Child by Mary ...

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4th Milestone in our relationship


We celebrated Princess' 4th birthday a couple weekends ago and I feel like it was a turning point in my relationship with my only child. My fairy godmother (really my fairy grandmother) wove her wand and changed the child that I've come to know. I've previously posted about her little ...

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Coming to America


My mom emailed my brother and I today to congratulate us because today (August 26) marks 20 years since we emigrated to from Trinidad to Canada. She thanked us for making this journey with her and for being good kids and bringing her much joy. I uncontrollably burst into tears ...

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A little woman


I just put princess to bed after her second wakening tonight. Usually, by this time of night (a little after 10 pm) I'm pretty annoyed by these "surprise visits". I usually take a hard stance and either scream (okay, shout a bit) or threaten to take away a toy/stuffed animal/book. ...

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UPDATED ~~ 16 and pregnant


UPDATED ~~ I'm back in front of MTV again on this Thursday night and I'm watching this show.again. Folks...let me tell you, it's only getting worse. This week's episode features a 16 year old who is pregnant for her boyfriend of one year, with whom she lost her ...

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Can I kiss your boo-boo please?


I had my very first "wait until you're a mom" moment this weekend. Princess, who's a little dainty at times, but rough and tough at other times fell at school on Friday. Unlike all her other falls, this time she got a big nasty open scar just below her elbow.Of ...

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Here’s to 35!


I am turning the big 35 tomorrow. It seems a little surreal for me though. I'm officially crossing over into that next box - you know, I'm moving from the 25-34 box into the 35 to what, 44 box - I guess! Or is the 35-50 box - OMG!!!!!I feel ...

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