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An Oldie But Goodie- Camp Torture


So school ends in less than two weeks.  Time to find summer camps.  Yay- NOT! I"m not so motivated considering the debacle that happened last summer when I signed up Oldest for one camp close to our house.  I decided to pull up that post just for good times sakes.  ...

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I Need 9 Lives


I suffer from having too many dreams and too many interests and wanting to fulfill them all.  I decided this morning that I should have been a cat.  With my 9 lives, I would: Go to culinary school and become a chef. Pursue my intended career of television production (that was my ...

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New York at Christmas


Lately I've really been trying to prioritize my life in terms of putting the really important things first: family, friends, my health to name a few.  I was sharing this sentiment with a girlfriend of mine last week and lamented that I hadn't yet seen my close girlfriend's baby (and ...

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Some encouraging words…


A friend forwarded me one of those freaking chain emails that we all hate and I was tempted to press "delete" after looking at the subject line, but something encouraged me to read this one - even if it meant stopping right before the closing "please forward to 7oo million friends and ...

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My Total Mom Makeover


Last week Justice Ny and I attended the Bounce Mom's Night Out event in D.C. hosted by the lovely Jennifer James and MBC.  The event was geared to moms wanting to simplify and de-stress their lives (me! me!).   The food was amazing, as was the company, and the massages, ...

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The Turkey Trot


Having 3 kids and living 1,000 miles away from every single grandparent means that each year we have the challenge of deciding whether to make a trip down to Miami for Thanksgiving.  As you might imagine, 5 plane tickets anywhere ain't cheap; let alone 5 plane tickets during the busiest ...

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My weddings rings have magically reappeared


I found my wedding rings over the weekend after they’ve been missing for almost three years.  I thought they were stolen because I couldn’t remember “losing” them, but I guess they were placed in a box for safe keeping but whomever placed it in the box didn’t tell me and ...

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Are we negotiating our way out of marriage?


By now you've probably seen or heard of the latest video sensation "Black Marriage Negotiations." Well this video and the ensuing discussion around my office couldn't have come at a more opportune time.  Hubby and I are going through a pretty rough patch right now and it was enlightening for ...

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Haiti – Let’s Not Forget


I took the pictures below when I was in Haiti in July.  I spent a week there a few days before the six month anniversary of the earthquake.  The last time I was in Haiti was almost two weeks before the earthquake.  When planning the trip, I was preparing myself for the worst. After we landed, ...

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Anatomy of a Stupid Argument


I know you've had them. You know, those dumb arguments with your spouse about trivial things that you would be embarrassed to even mention to anyone else? The arguments that you can't even remember how they got started? Yeah. So here's ours from this morning: Hubby:  [Looking at the 2 family-sized cans ...

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