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Free or Cheap Summer Fun For Kids


If your kids are home with you during the summer you probably are always searching for something fun to do with the kids.  Finding inexpensive or free activities is not always easy.  If you aren’t careful, you can spend a lot of money each week just trying to keep them entertained.  I’ve compiled a ...

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An Oldie But Goodie- Camp Torture


So school ends in less than two weeks.  Time to find summer camps.  Yay- NOT! I"m not so motivated considering the debacle that happened last summer when I signed up Oldest for one camp close to our house.  I decided to pull up that post just for good times sakes.  ...

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So Much for the Lazy Days of Summer


The last few weeks (months?) have been crazy! We've been uber-busy and traveling all around.  Since our family vacation to Myrtle Beach, Hubby and I traveled to Los Angeles for a wedding; I hosted a Summer Ladies' Luncheon at my house; we celebrated Chatterbox's 6th Birthday; the other Mamas and ...

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Kiddo Summer Series Week No. 1: Planting Our Garden


This summer, I've tried to be all about the kids.  Well, in between going to L.A. with Hubby for a "celebrity" wedding and gallivanting off to NYC with my girls for BlogHer - you know, I've got my priorities all in order. So I decided to create a fun lesson plan ...

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Mid-Summer Memories


It's amazing that the summer is halfway over. It feels like it takes so long for summer to finally arrive and then, once it does, it flies by in an instant! But you know what they say about time flying. And what fun have we been having! Summer Memory #1:  The ...

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Welcome to Camp Tita!


My kids start school in about 3 weeks so summer is basically over at the Jonesie house and so far the kids have not attended a single camp.  I decided last week it's do or die time because they are stir crazy and making me crazy.  We've done reading groups at the library, Vacation ...

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A Letter


August 3, 2009Dear DC Summer,I was wondering where you had gone to? We've been enjoying gorgeous weather with crisp, sunny mornings and breezy afternoons. The rainfall has been light and I've been able to wear my hair out without a care. My kids have been enjoying the park in the ...

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