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Announcing: {re}Treat Yourself 2012: a lifestyle redesign getaway for #workingmoms


It's been years in the making (in my mind anyway)! After years of juggling a law career, a marriage, 3 kids, a household and a social media brand, it is painfully apparent to me just how lacking we are when it comes to life management resources and support for working ...

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Wordless Hump Day


HumpDay…tell me about it.  By Wednesday it’s almost impossible for me to get motivated enough to get out of my warm snuggly bed in the morning.  It seems like regardless of how much rest I get on the weekend, I’m just pooped by Wednesday.  It was so bad tonight that ...

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Settling in to My New Schedule


It's been about 3 months since I started a new "part-time" work schedule, and I finally feel like I've found a groove.  For a while I was questioning my decision to alter my schedule because my days "off" were complete chaos.  I was running back and forth between school and ...

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My Working Woman’s Retreat


When our basement flooded last spring, we took the disaster as an opportunity to revamp our basement.  We laid new carpet and have plans for a new wet bar and kids' play area in the works.  What made me the most excited though, was the prospect of converting our rarely used ...

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I had such a nice Thanksgiving week/weekend.  I stayed home the day before the holiday to prepare and that was a smart move.  I was able to grocery shop (at the new Wegmans!) and get a jump on cooking that saved my sanity.  I even had an evening to myself ...

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My Total Mom Makeover


Last week Justice Ny and I attended the Bounce Mom's Night Out event in D.C. hosted by the lovely Jennifer James and MBC.  The event was geared to moms wanting to simplify and de-stress their lives (me! me!).   The food was amazing, as was the company, and the massages, ...

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Debunking the Nanny Myth: An Interview with Candi Wingate


It's a touchy subject among moms.  In some circles, even the mention of hiring a nanny sends some women through the roof and elicits a whole lot of unsolicited judgements and criticisms.  If there is one thing I have learned to not do in my 6 years of being a parent, it's ...

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Part-Time Schedule, Full-Time Job


Today was the first day of my new part-time work schedule. Meaning that I was home and nanny-free.  It's hard to believe that after year (years!) of wishing for this change, the day finally came.  And you would think that I would have been perfectly prepared for it, but alas, ...

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The Craziest Show On Earth


You know when you do a strenuous workout and wake up sore and immobilized the next day (ha! neither do I, lol)? But no, seriously - that's how I felt this morning when my alarm went off. I literally groaned. This first week of school has me totally beat.  Between ...

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A Guilt-Free Pleasure: Thank You WMAG!


If you've read Mamalaw for any amount of time, you know that almost 90% of my posts revolve around being full-time working mom balancing home, work and kids. With that comes a hefty dose of Mommy Guilt. Snicker or roll your eyes if you want to, but trust me that ...

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